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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Things I don't get

Why are people not talking in full sentences?
ex. "That moment when you go to the store and realize you forgot your wallet."
Okay... are you going to tell me about more?

Also, why are people saying "That ____, though" And they don't even spell though all the way.
ex. That cookie, tho 
Yeah, cookies are good. I know.

Hash tags outside of search functions. Is it really that fashionable to take the time to do that?

Selfies. They are narcissistic.

Guys taking selfies. Super gay.

People saying "_____ game is strong." Why can't you give a compliment like a normal person.

Also, why is this or that "life" 
Ex. Gym is life. 
I know your life revolves around the gym. Please just say "my life revolves around the gym.

And while we're at it... ____ Life. 
I live in Jacksonville, FL. There is a store here that has back window stickers that say Salt Life. It is a beach bum life style. I get that. It was even cute when all the different lifestyles borrowed from it. E.g. "Mud Life," and one that I always "God First Life." hahahahah. Did the whole world take off with this? I dont get it. Insult to injury its spelled "lyfe" 9 times out of 10.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hindsight is 20/20?

I saw an interview and must admit it is very hard to watch. A) the interviewer is relentless but more so because B) you can see the realization on Bp. Fellay's face that he is now neutered. The future for Tradition is bleak now that the head of the SSPX has departed from Abp. Lefebvre's position at the price of the upcoming deal. Another thought crossed my mind. There are two people in the news who would not have let this interview get out of hand. That is of course Bp. WIlliamson and Donald Trump. Did I really just make that comparison? Think about it! Those two are the only people I can honestly say would speak there mind in the face of ridicule. Trump and Fellay, on the other hand, are nothing alike! Bp. Fellay is dangerous because (after watching this excruciating interview) its clear he doesn't have a backbone and he wields power to lead millions (from where did this power come, I know not.) Trump is dangerous because he doesn't have the Faith and has the power to lead millions (from where this power came, I know not either.) It will never work because as Abp. Lefebvre said "we are working to Christianize society, and [Trump] is working to dechristianize society.
At the risk of sounding dramatic, I'm reminded of the movie The Cardinal. When the Cardinal of Austria realizes Hitler broke his promise (and how His Eminence forsook his office by putting his hope in man) he exclaims "And to think, instead of saying praised be to Jesus, I said Heil Hitler." Following the campaign, I am afraid to say Trump's goals are Christ the King's. After watching this interview, I am forced to say neither are Bp. Fellay's goals.
Is the deal with Rome is premature? Depends on your conditions.
1) Obedience is infallible. The SSPX messed up when Abp. Lefebvre consecrated the four bishops. (Well, then you should be FSSP.) Traditionalists need to be approved and that is the end of it.
2) The SSPX will never get what they want, Rome is too far gone. Lets strike while the "approval" iron is hot. We will infiltrate Rome like the Trojan Horse despite the record of all approved Traditional groups in the last 50 years.
3) Abp. Lefebvre recognized a real crisis, one that is not over. His stance is to batten down the hatches and let the storm blow over. It might take 20 years, 50 years, 100 years, or more, but when the storm is over and the Pope acts like a Catholic again, then you simply submit.

(link to interview. The Conflict Zone interviews Bishop Fellay.)

Another Head Scratcher

"(Benedict XVI) encourages us to read once again the documents of Vatican II with a particular frame of mind, interpreting these teachings in the continuity of church life rather than presenting Vatican II as a creative move to build a completely new church in contrast to past centuries."
-Bishop Estevez in The Saint Augustine Catholic February Issue of St. Augustine Catholic (Magazine)

"If it is desirable to offer a diagnosis of the text [Gaudium et Spes] as a whole, we might say that (in conjunction with the texts on religious liberty and world religions) it is a revision of the Syllabus of Pius IX, a kind of countersyllabus."- Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

What's the syllabus? Wait... you mean the pope admitted at one time that a Vatican II document said things that were contrary to the Church's teachings in these things?

A) Bishops (not just this one) do not know what Pope Pius IX wrote
B) Bishops (not just this one) know what Pius IX wrote and disagree with Him

because C is not a possibility
C Bishops (not just this one) know what Pius IX wrote and are confused with what Pius IX meant when he wrote the Syllabus of Errors and thought His Holiness meant something closer to what Vatican II said.

Bless Your Heart

Recently, I have been checking the "On This Day" app that Facebook provides. It is very interesting to me to see what I was posting as far back as 2007. Some good/some not so good posts. This was a good post from 2012.

"However, what we must never do is let this need for order translate into a strange sort of 'Catholic fundamentalism'... Sometimes our desire for a 'perfect Mass' can prevent us from seeing the beauty present in every Mass."
-Rev. Joseph Krupp

Some one asked "I would want to know the context of this priest's comment. Seems like the statement could easily be used to justify a very lax approach to the Holy Mass."
The answer: In the St. Augustine 2012 February/Match Catholic Diocesan Magazine. The article is entitled "How do I report liturgical abuse" or the "Ask Fr. Joe" column. It should have been titled "Awwww, you want a reverent Mass? How cute..."

As the ol' Southern saying goes "Bless your heart!" Allow this blogger to translate. "You think you know what Catholicism is because you grew up in it, Lady? Well, I studied at a fancy seminary. I've read more books that have come out since 1969 than you. Why don't you let the professionals handle this. Its what we get paid for." 

I posted this as my FB status to see what the reaction would be.After I got a few "Amens" I wanted to clarify what I felt the response should have been. I posted these responses. I guess no one took the bate because a discussion did not ensue. (I was a littler more feisty back in 2012. The number of 2014-2016 blogs should attest.)

"He is called accursed, who doth the work of God negligently…  No other work can be performed by the faithful so holy and divine as this tremendous mystery itself, wherein that life-giving victim is daily immolated on the altar by priests. It is also sufficiently clear, that all industry and diligence is to be applied to this end, that it be performed with the greatest possible inward cleanness and purity of heart, and outward show of devotion and piety. --22 Session of the Sacred Council of Trent
We order them in virtue of holy obedience to chant or to read the Mass according to the rite and manner and norm herewith laid down by Us and, hereafter, to discontinue and completely discard all other rubrics and rites of other missals, however ancient, which they have customarily followed; and they must not in celebrating Mass presume to introduce any ceremonies or recite any prayers other than those contained in this Missal. ----Pope St. Pius V, Quo Primum
I agree that God knows we are humans, and that if the priest or the altar boys or the choir messes up, its not the end of the world, and the Sacrifice of the Mass was still pleasing to God. But when priests are “being creative” and adding prayers to instruct the people…?  Trent says that the priest should be as OUTWARDLY diligent as possible (inwardly too) because the Mass is the most perfect thing on this planet, and we should strive to have it as perfect as humanly possible! A perfect Mass is reading what is on the page and following the instructions given on the page. Nothing more, nothing less. If ‘Catholic fundamentalism’ means wanting a priest to stick to that, St. Pius would say we have a problem…

A) These priests do not know about St. Pius, Trent, or anything before Vatican II (brainwashed)
B) They do know about St. Pius and Trent, but think they know better. (pride)

Can you think of another possibility?

St. Pius V, pray for us.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Silver Linings and wedding bells.

My roommate was just married. It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. Let me tell you about it.

1. The bride was beautiful.

2. It was at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It is the prettiest church in Jacksonville, and I daresay prettiest church between the cathedral in Savannah, GA and Gesu in Miami, FL.

3. My roommate dug deep and hired a choir to sing a polyphonic Mass. They weren't cheap and he got what he paid for.

4. Everybody was beautiful, and they really took the invitation to the TLM seriously. I was impressed with how modestly everyone was dressed. The ladies even dawned courtesy chapel veils provided by the bride and groom!

5. I served the Mass with four of my best friends. (I'm so glad the groom and I share friends.) Three of the servers never served the Traditional Latin Mass before, let alone a Missa Cantata. But they did it for their friend, the groom and God. We had a Crucifer, Thurifer, two Acolytes, and an MC. The guys really practiced hard and I, as the Master of Ceremonies, and the Groom are very thankful to them. NO MAJOR MESS UPS!

6. There was a special Greek incense used.

7. We busted out the Communion cloth for those who received Communion in the Sanctuary. Unfortunately, the rails did not have a cloth for the lay faithful. Hopefully the pastor will see our example and adhere to the rubric.

8. I am also deeply touched, and admit... a little tickled, that my friends put my fathers Mood^3 blocks out at the reception. I hope people enjoyed them. I know a couple of people took them home. I know he would have enjoyed seeing people turn the blocks for the first time.

While the Traditionalist in me wants to nit pic some things, this joyous post is not the time or the place. My prayers are with the newly wedded couple. My father RSVPed he was going. It was very sad not having him there. He wanted the Bride and Groom to have a beautiful wedding, and would have been proud with the way things went.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Pray for us.
St. Nicholas of Bari, Pray for us.
St. Mary, Pray for us.
St. Joseph, Pray for us.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Good bye, Dad.

My dear father, David, passed away. He had baldder cancer that spread throught his poor body. Having cancer coupled with sepsis, he had a rare gift from God: knowing Our Lord would call him soon.

A little miracle happen that I would like to share with you. After my dad stopped taking a very toxic antibiotic at the hospital to keep his full body infection down, the illness really affected his mental capacity. He came home under the care of hospice and immediatly got worse. After a few days with no sign of improvement the doctor said we could possibly have entered a 72 hour window. His family was on their way to be what was certainly his last few days. Dad said very little the passed few days, but mumbled for Holy Communion. The next day we dressed up and sat in the living room awaiting Our Lord to come to us. The priest walked in and unveiled the Blessed Sacrament. He said confidently, "Mr. Walker,  would you like your confession heard." I was surprisedd that little weak man said yes and I was happy to excuse myself. Whether there were specific sins or a general "I am sorry" it os not for me to know, but I came back in when I heard a knock. There was my father in his chair, looking very contemplative. The priest asked me to start the Confiteor. As I began, who should join me in Latin, but the man who taught me the prayer 15 years before. He finished the last Mea Culpa, and let his son take over. Father let us behold the Lamb of God Who takest away the sinsnof the world, and then we received Holy Communion. Then the priest begins the Apostolic Blessing to the dying and tells my father to think of his sins and tell Jesus he was sorry. I then took the picture that will stay with me for a long, long time.

After rallying some strength, my father gave his best for two weeks. We took a shot of whisky, went down to the river and said our prayers.

Then God called my father,  His servent, to be judged. I pray the Lord had mercy on my father, a poor sinner. Please join me in praying for the repose of his soul.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Blue Moon

Every so often my daily reading aligns so perfectly that I feel I need to type them out. Today's meditation taken from My Daily Bread was also tackled by my spiritual reading from Dom Scupolis book The Spiritual Combat. I will let you make the connections!

Chapter 59
Remedies for Tepidity

My child, it is sad for Me to see men living disorderly lives. I made them for eternal glory. Little do they realize how harmful it is to neglect their duties, or to perform them carelessly. Pay attention to your purpose in life, and keep before your mind the image of the crucified Kimg. Consider My earthly life, and blush if you are not doing your best to imitate Me.

2. Your loyalty and progress in serving Me ought to improve each day. Nowadays it is considered a great thing if one can just hold on to some of his original enthusiasm. A person is considered great if he merely avoids evil, or if he can be patient enough to endure life's daily burdens. Greatness lies not merely in avoiding evil, but especially doing good.

3. It grieves Me to see how half-hearted and negligent so many people are. How quickly they lose their devotion and grow tired of the higher life because of laziness and spiritual tepidity. May your desire to progress in virtue grow greater each day. Study the holy examples of My saints and learn to appreciate their continual loyalty to Me.

If I thought more often of death than of a long life, I would be far more eager to advance in virtue. Occasional thinking about the reality of hell and purgatory will help me to bear the labors, sorrows,
and hardships of daily life. No longer would I love flattery and praise, nor would I be so lazy and half-hearted in serving Christ, my King. I ought to think often about His life and make it the model of my own daily life.

Pray: my Saviour, each hour of the day is an important part of my daily life. Whether I am at work, or play, or rest, I can do these things in a holy way. Each hour brings it's chance for patience, kindness, unselfishness, and other virtues. If I am half hearted, I will not make the effort needed for acting as God desires. I can cure this disease by spiritual guidance, variety in prayer, meditations on Your life and Sacraments. My Jesus, government he grace to do whatever I need to avoid tepidity in my daily life. Amen.

Chapter 20
How to Combat Sloth
 It is of great importance to make war against sloth. This place is not only an obstacle on her way to perfection but it delivers us to the enemies of our salvation. If you desire to fight this vice in earnest, begin by avoiding all curiosities in vain amusements. Withdrawal your infections from worldly things and stop pursues that are not in harmony with your state.

Strive assiduously to comply with the inspirations of heaven, to execute the orders of your superiors, to do everything at the proper time in the proper manner. Do not hesitate a moment in the execution of a command. The first delay brings on a second, this is a third, and thus we lose ground. For the dread of labor and the love of ease increase in proportion to their indulgence. Labor becomes so distasteful that a lethargic hesitancy in applying oneself to work, or even the total neglect of work, is the result.

It is difficult to shake off the habit of sloth, once it is acquired, unless shame accompanies this
indolent life and rouses us to greater diligence and application. Sloth, moreover, is a poison that spreads itself through all the faculties of the soul. It not only infects the will by making work odious to it, but also the understanding by so blinding  that the resolution of the slothful usually have no effect. What should be done without delay is either neglected for deferred to some other time.

Mere swiftness of action, however, is not enough. Things must be done at the proper time, and in the most perfect manner possible. A precipitous act, which is done with no regard for its proper execution, but only to be rid of the trouble and to enjoy peace again as soon as possible, cannot be called diligent. It is rather an artful, refined slots.

You may, at first, find your strength insufficient to undergo all the difficulties and troubles that you encounter on your road to perfection. Then you must acquire the habit of hiding them from yourself.  They will appear more insignificant than the slothful are apt to imagine them to be.

When an act must be repeated many times in order to acquire some particular virtue, in this has to be continued for several days in opposition to the countless powerful enemies, begin to do these acts as though if you would suffice in your trouble would soon end. Attack one enemy at a time, as though you had but one to encounter. Be confident that, with God's grace, you will master them all. In this way you will overcome your sloth and acquire the contrary virtue.

Use the same method in regard to prayer. If you are to pray for an hour, and the time seems long, begin as though you were to play a quarter of an hour. When that is finished, propose another quarter hour, and the hour will elapse imperceptibly. If, however, during this you experience a great repugnance and aversion to prayer, cease praying for a while. Any short time return again to the prayers that you had interrupted.

This is also true in regard to manual labor. If you feel that you're overwhelmed by the amount of work before you buy the difficulties involved, do not permit indolence to discourage. Begin with what demands your immediate attention and do not think of the rest....

... Guard yourself, pray, and do good. Do not defer making your wedding garment until you are called upon to go forth and meet the heavenly bridegroom.

Reflect every day on the fact that He Who ask granted you the morning has not promised the evening, and should He grant this, He gives no assurance of the following morning. Spend each day therefore, as if it were the last; cherish nothing but the will of God, for you will have to render a strict account for every moment.

Good stuff. God bless.